Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apothecary Skirt Review

Based on the advice of other reviewers to order up a size, I got the size 2, which fit just right. The elastic waist sits high on the waist. I usually like white t-shirts with printed cotton skirts but the neutral print has a little gold in it so I can see it playing well with plum or teal. Although the skirt is not too puffy, it would sit better if it didn't have an elastic waist. I think this skirt looks better with your shirt tucked in but then you would have to hide the elastic waist with a belt. a) I never tuck in my shirt. b) Having to hide the elastic band seems like too much trouble. Why couldn't they have put a normal waist band and zipper on this skirt?!

The pros: 100% cotton, neutral print, not too puffy
The cons: elastic waist, high waist
The verdict: I so wanted another cotton skirt to wear on warm days (my anthro mermaid skirt needs a day off!) but tucking and belting seems to go against the idea of a carefree summer wardrobe. It's going back.

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