Thursday, July 21, 2011

Orchard Grove Pullover Review

The shape of this sweater looks like a beginning knitter's project:

For reference, you're looking down at the back of the sweater, the gray band at the bottom of the picture is the waist band. If you look closely, you'll find that the left arm hole and the right armhole are cut differently. The left side fits comfortably because there is 18 inches of fabric between the armhole and the waist band. In contrast, the right side only has a mere 7 inches between armhole and waist band. As such, when you lift your right arm, your movement is restricted. If you lift your arm too high, the waist band will lift, exposing your stomach. Many reviewers have pointed out this weird right-arm situation.

However, a handful of reviewers did not have this problem. I think if you are normally an XS and ordered the S (because this sweater did not come in an XS) then the extra material helped alleviate the arm-restriction problem. I fell into this category, and it's not the end of the world if the waist band lifts because I would wear a tank top under this sweater.

I really like the cowl neck, which I find very flattering for small-chested women. I also love the asymmetrical modern style (tres Japonais!). Unlike horizontal stripes, the diagonal stripes do not widen your figure. The orange and gray color scheme go with denim or white.

The pros: cowl neck, asymmetric design, cotton/linen (hand wash)
The cons: weird right arm
The verdict: I can deal with the right arm for the sake of fashion. A keeper!

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