Monday, August 22, 2011

Gathering Tank

This shirt represents why I first fell in love with anthro: it's a t-shirt but so much prettier! Considering that in the good old days I would have paid full price for this shirt, the fact that I got it on sale makes it so much more attractive. I ordered an XS, which fits well in the bodice area and enhances a flat chest, but wonder if a S would be more forgiving in the troublesome muffin-top area.

The pros: 100 percent cotton, machine washable, color, pretty design, comfortable
The cons: Very fitted in the stomach region: How much will this area bulge after a day of eating?
The verdict: Undecided: I'm hoping this will stretch a little, as it's made of slub cotton, so I can eat in this shirt. Eating versus Shirt? Eating wins every time.

Whirligig Dress Review

I ordered the Whirligig dress in navy with some reservations, because I had tried it on before at the store in the XS raspberry color. The wrap bodice felt too overwhelming and complicated. Maybe the particular dress I tried was cut too big. Or maybe the lighter color made the wrap detail too pronounced. Good thing I gave it a second chance at the sale price because the navy version looks really good! Perhaps this dress is cut smaller, the style looks more subtle in navy, or the sale price lowered my expectations. In any case, I'm glad I gave it another try. I'm always afraid these jersey dresses will be too clingy or look too slovenly but this one has a waist and shirring in all the right places. It's soft as a nightgown but it's a dress!

Pros: Clever draping good for flat-chested women, comfortable, machine washable, classic color
Cons: Rayon/nylon blend (I usually prefer cotton) but it's made by Velvet so good quality (two layers)
Verdict: A keeper!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week of 8/16 Sale

What I ordered this morning:

The Gathering Tank $29.95

Whirligig Dress $69.95

But wait, the free shipping promotion requires that you include full-priced merchandise in your order. So I threw in these cute little earrings:

Auspicious Posts $29.95

If the package arrives before this Saturday, I can give the earrings to my sister for her birthday. Otherwise, they're mine!