Monday, August 22, 2011

Gathering Tank

This shirt represents why I first fell in love with anthro: it's a t-shirt but so much prettier! Considering that in the good old days I would have paid full price for this shirt, the fact that I got it on sale makes it so much more attractive. I ordered an XS, which fits well in the bodice area and enhances a flat chest, but wonder if a S would be more forgiving in the troublesome muffin-top area.

The pros: 100 percent cotton, machine washable, color, pretty design, comfortable
The cons: Very fitted in the stomach region: How much will this area bulge after a day of eating?
The verdict: Undecided: I'm hoping this will stretch a little, as it's made of slub cotton, so I can eat in this shirt. Eating versus Shirt? Eating wins every time.

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